Bankroll Management

One of the most important factors to making money in sports betting is proper bankroll management. While we see other handicappers giving picks that suggest a large stake, this is irresponsible. If you are betting daily, what sense does it make to wager a large % of your bankroll on 1 game? What if it loses, and you're stuck with a small amount of your bankroll? It's hard to get out of that trap. Our team is committed to helping you maximize & increase you bankroll over time.

Our System:

We use a 1-5 unit system. Each unit represents that % of your bankroll.

For Example:

Let's say you have $1,000 in your betting account.

1 unit = 1% = $10 (usually for a parlay)

2 units = 2% = $20 (usually an underdog) 

3 units = 3% = $30 (common pick)

4 units = 4% = $40 (confident pick)

5 units = 5% = $50 (premium pick)

Once in a while if/when we find a major discrepancy between our algorithm & the line Vegas is providing, we'll provide a pick larger than 5 units. This happens about once every few weeks or so. 

Bankroll Management is almost as important as getting the picks correct, and it's crucial that you follow our system to maximize your chances at profiting, especially in the long run.